V. ALBINO – S. KÜHTZ: Input-output models for economy-energy-environment analysis of tourism-related businesses in a natural park

The analysis of relationships among socio-economic activities and the environment is fundamental to plan a sustainable development. In the present work an Input-Output (I-O) analysis based upon production processes is used to estimate energy and material flows (including pollutants/waste) in the supply chain of tourism-related activities based in a recently established Italian natural park (Pollino natural park). Tourism is a sector of utmost importance for present and future development policies of the park, therefore monitoring energy use and pollution levels in this sector can be useful for the sustainable development of the area. In particular, flows of energy necessary to lodging activities (hotel supply chain) are investigated and consequent production of pollutants evaluated. An increased need of energy due to the growth of tourism demand may cause an increment of pollution. The I-O model formulated herein enables to examine the local supply chains of the main lodging companies already existing int he park, and allows to balance positive and negative impacts caused by future tourism development and economy-energy-environment interactions.